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When refacing or refinishing your kitchen cabinets is no longer an option, consider getting custom cabinets instead of buying stock cabinets. Read why here.

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Stock vs. The Custom Cabinets of Kitchen Cabinets Frisco TX

Kitchen cabinets are said to be able to last for 50 years. And if you ask our experts here at Kitchen Cabinets Frisco whether this piece of information is accurate, they would neither say “yes” nor “no.”

In reality, kitchen cabinets made from high-quality materials and properly maintained can last up to 50 years. Usually, these cabinets are custom-built, made from solid wood, and sealed with a protective coating to shield them from water damage and pests. Other cabinets, such as those made from particleboard or fiberboard, often do not survive those many years. This is because these are prone to sagging and damage from moisture.

When choosing kitchen cabinets, homeowners are usually provided with two options: stock cabinets and custom cabinets. A lot of homeowners choose stock cabinets for their affordability, availability, and ease of installation. Stock cabinets are loved by many since they come in a massive range of colors, shapes, and sizes.

One problem with stock cabinetry is that they come in so-called standard sizes. These types of cabinets pose a problem for small, large, and kitchens that have unique layouts. The ‘standard’ size may be too big to fit in a small kitchen. As for large kitchens, they may have to buy them in bulk to fill the gaps. In kitchens with unique layouts, standard sized sock cabinets may have to be placed in awkward areas.

Another issue with stock cabinets is that they cannot immediately complement the kitchen’s design. Although they come in so many colors and finishes, to make them fit the kitchen’s original and overall motif, some sort of personalization still has to be made on them.

Finally, stock cabinets, because they are cheaper, are not made from the most durable materials.

In contrast, custom cabinets offer a lot of benefits.

  • To begin with, custom kitchen cabinets are built to last. These are made from select materials carefully maneuvered by an artisan’s hands to create durable, one-of-a-kind cabinets. Unlike mass-produced stock cabinets, custom kitchen cabinets have details crafted with precision. There are no cutting corners on the materials in piecing the cabinets together.

  • Custom-built cabinets are specific to the kitchen’s measurements. Because of that, kitchens fitted with them are more efficient. Since the cabinets follow the kitchen’s layout and measures, the kitchen’s tiniest tools and the bigger appliances all have space dedicated for them.

  • Custom-made cabinets are also the eco-friendlier option. Custom cabinet manufacturers like us locally source our materials to lessen our business’s impact on the environment. Our clients can hand-pick from various choices of local or domestic wood options.

  • Finally, custom-made kitchen cabinets are cost-effective. Being made from top-of-the-line materials, the need for repairs is not likely immediately. And since they are made according to a client’s specifications, they can be directly installed without altering it to fit the kitchen’s interiors.

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