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Kitchen Remodel Frisco provides affordable service and we have a team of experts that has different specialties to make sure that you would receive nothing but the best and be able to have your dream kitchen. Here are some services that we offer for your kitchen installation.

1. Kitchen Floors/Flooring — We have the best and modern tools that we used to install any types of flooring.

2. Kitchen Cabinets Installation — Installation of the cabinets is not an ordinary task and it needs to be done by a professional. Our team provides the services and would make sure that the cabinets would meet your preference.

3. Countertop — We have a wide range of kitchen countertops that you can select. We have an available durable design yet timeless. Though this would be a bit expensive, this would be the best choice if you are not planning to remodel or install a new kitchen countertop.

4. Lighting — Installation of the lighting for the kitchen is usually overlooked when doing a kitchen install. A kitchen that is not well lit is not appealing and unsafe especially if you are preparing food or cooking which would require good lighting. Kitchen Install Frisco is well- equipped to be able to install all sorts of lighting needed.

5. Backsplash — Adding a backsplash for your kitchen would make the entire area look to modernize. The backsplash can be installed at the same time with the countertop especially if you decide to use the same material.

6. Sinks — Kitchen would not be complete if there are no sinks. Most homeowners would look for the best and yet efficient that will durable with its everyday use. We would like to let you know what we do before the kitchen install or remodeling.

Kitchen Install Frisco

1. Demo in your kitchen

2. Replacing the outdated plumbings

3. Replace all the electrical and lighting

4. Add Drywall

5. Do the painting

6. Install the flooring and baseboards

7. Installation of the cabinets

8. Install the countertops

9. Apply the backsplash

10. Lastly, install the appliances

We aim to provide a good service and meet your preference and needs. Aside from this, we make sure that we provide you the best Kitchen Install Frisco. To give you an insight or if you would like to seek a professional opinion, you can reach through our website or give us a call.

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Kitchen Remodel Frisco is best service providers for those who want smart solutions to enjoy, improve, and maintain their kitchen.

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