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If any part of the home has to be well illuminated, it should be the kitchen. Learn which kitchen areas are best placed with lighting fixtures here.

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Kitchen Lighting Frisco TX - Kitchen Areas To Add Light Fixtures

Experts of Kitchen Lighting Frisco agree that kitchens, out of other areas in the home, must be well-illuminated. The kitchen, arguably, is the most visited and most used space in the home. Apart from being the area where meals are prepared, the kitchen functions as a working space for individual family members for many tasks, even those not related to cooking and dining.

Multiple layers of light can make a kitchen brighter and more comfortable. Adding several layers of intentional lighting is called light layering. To designers, light-layering is central to a well-designed kitchen.

To begin light layering, it is necessary to first determine how much natural lighting the kitchen area receives. Then, critical areas that require more lighting, must be identified. The second task requires individual attention to every member of the family. Since that cannot be possible now, this article will provide general tips for choosing kitchen lighting based on how most people usually use the area.

  • Add lights overhead.

    In any size kitchen, good lighting begins with overhead lighting. This is the kitchen’s primary source of lighting that supports or reinforces natural lighting. Ideally, the light coming from overhead fixtures should be glare-free.

    Pendants, chandeliers, recessed lighting, dimmer switches, flush mounts, and semi-flush mounts are typical examples of fixtures used as ambient overhead lighting. Our experts recommend installing pendants above kitchen islands if your kitchen has one. Smaller kitchens can benefit much from recessed lighting.

  • Add support lighting above countertops or on kitchen islands.

    The kitchen island and the countertops are where most tasks are usually done, be it food and dining-related or not. These areas are best added with directional lighting. Fixtures that provide task or support lighting should provide focused beams of light brighter than ambient lighting to reduce eye strain. These fixtures include under cabinet lights, puck lights, pantry lights, appliance spotlights, over stove spotlighting, and desk and swing arm lights.

    When choosing task lighting, our kitchen lighting experts find it essential to check your kitchen’s layout to visualize where light is obstructed and where shadows fall. They also recommend task lighting fixtures that are adjustable. These may either have movable arms or have dimming capabilities.

  • Add support lighting above the kitchen sink.

    Washing dishes and food are tasks that require proper lighting. Not having adequate lighting for these may lead to safety concerns and health hazards. To address this, our professional kitchen lighting designers suggest adding specialty sink lighting.

  • Selecting fixtures.

    Your fixtures do not have to be made of the same materials unless you want a more polished look. Mixing materials and finishes provide an eclectic look. What is essential is to select fixtures that harmonize with the decor and architecture of your home.

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